5 reasons to work on SEO in times of crisis

By April 24, 2020blog, COVID19

In times of crisis, companies tend to cut costs or push to the back burner certain things that are “not essential” to them. Is web positioning essential to a business? It is if you consider that SEO in times of crisis can provide you with an advantage, both in brand positioning and in visibility with potential clients. This is critical at difficult times and most definitely in times of recovery. 

More specifically, here are 5 reasons to continue working on your website from the SEO perspective.

Improve your visibility with search engines

SEO helps improve your organic positioning, making your website one of the first options with top search engines. In other words, when a user searches for a product or service -i.e. on Google -, they will find your website among the first options in the search results. This is of utmost importance, as the top options get more than 75% of the clicks, while less than 10% of users go to the second page.

Increase target traffic

SEO will help you reach the right audience and potential customers to your website, ensuring that people who are really interested in your products or services come to your site and find relevant information. Thus, achieving targeted traffic, increasing interaction and attracting more people to the website.

Customer confidence in your brand or product

Generating valuable and quality content, in addition to being dynamic and innovating, reflects in users and customers confidence in your brand or product, and ultimately in customer loyalty. A good SEO management can make your clients prefer your company before your competition.

Increase sales or conversions

A website that you trust and that has the appropriate information, makes it easier for the client to make a final decision, therefore increasing the conversions of your business. A website that delivers the best first impression of the business, will be able to improve the sales results.

Long-term positioning

SEO allows you to position yourself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SEO manages to position your website organically. It is a process that requires more time and effort, but it is more effective if you are looking for continuous positioning and long-term results. You might be able to achieve quick results with advertising, but without SEO, those often go away once the paid campaign ends.

Letting your guard down in SEO means delivering your potential customers to your competitors, missing opportunities when they are needed, being left behind and also that the company will be less likely to survive a crisis. Without customers and without visibility, the business is not able to maintain itself, much less grow.

Times of crisis can also be an opportunity. Perhaps some of your competitors will not take into account the importance of SEO, but you do!

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